DJ Heather

People are still talking about DJ Heather's set at this year's Om Records WMC party. Like fellow Chicago DJ Colette, whom she followed on the Ultra Lounge stage, Heather is part of Superjane, one of the first known female DJ collectives. There's nothing new to report from the Superjane camp, what with Colette still doing the rounds behind Push, her album from last year. But Heather could use a clone too. Still touring in support of last year's Summer Sessions 2 compilation (a joint effort with Om Records veteran Onionz), she's been putting in a ton of studio hours toward a forthcoming album. Along with that, Heather's own record label, Blackcherry Recordings, requires plenty of workaday nurturing, as does the planning of her forthcoming slot on an Om artists tour with Colette and Andy Caldwell that launches in June. Her soul-marinated chill/house recipe is enigmatic at times, hypnotic in a sneaky way. Immersed in one of her downtempo tracks, you may not notice the bouncy, let's-party repetition seeping in until your feet are suddenly, completely out of your control. Can't hate it, though.

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