Donna Summer

The date was July 12, 1979, and in Southside Chicago, disco music was on its way to a fiery death. It has since been billed as the "Day That Disco Died," and for good reason. Ninety thousand fans packed into Comiskey Park with their least favorite disco records, stormed the field, and proceeded to destroy as much disco music as possible in an explosive event that essentially brought about the end of the genre. And while that was nearly 30 years ago, disco never recovered. But all its music wasn't bad. One of the greatest voices of the '70s belonged to Donna Summer, who earned the title of disco queen with a string of hits throughout the decade. Perhaps you remember roller-skating to "Last Dance" or "Love to Love You Baby." What hard-working heroine hasn't delighted in singing "She Works Hard for the Money" or "Hot Stuff"? You can crack as many jokes on disco as you want, but a talented singer/songwriter is hard to come by these days, and if you happen to be in the mood for a bit of nostalgia, check out Donna Summer this weekend. You can leave the bell bottoms at home. Leisure suits are all right.

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