Download: Discosoma's Guy Harvey, ANR, Beings & Plains Singles Free

Make Friday majestic with four MP3s courtesy of Miami's altruistic Discosoma Records. The vinyl fetishists are giving away the A-sides from the first four 7-inch singles released over the past year -- all featuring prime South Florida artists regularly mentioned on County Grind.

The synth-fueled ANR ("Big Problem"), Beings' heavy punk brashness ("Metro Zoo"), Guy Harvey's smoothed out cool ("Take Your Time [With Me]"), and the fuzzy galore of Plains ("Innovator") all come included in this tour of the Discosoma library that is just the cost of a couple clicks.

Make your way to Discosoma's Bandcamp page to download all four songs begin the mixtape adornment. These MP3 riches end in March when the label, which sends all profits to the Coral Restoration Foundation in the Florida Keys, releases a fifth 7-inch featuring Miami's infectious Lil Daggers.

And, stay tuned for more information on the label's upcoming Flannel Beach compilation, which is expected for release later this year -- a double-vinyl affair benefiting the same great cause featuring all of the aforementioned artists, plus Animal Tropical, Can't Stop, and Band In Heaven.

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