Download: Radiohead's The King of Limbs is Not Prog-Rock

Preeminent British art-rock kings Radiohead (Muse who?) began a media blitz for new album The King of Limbs a full ten seconds after the Arcade Fire won Album of the Year at the Grammys Sunday. Although the band's eighth full-length album was slated to appear for download online on Saturday, the floodgates opened early!

After seeing the cover artwork for The King of Limbs (at right), we were sure this would be an album of trippy nine-minute guitar solos and head-spinning drum fills. Sadly, we'll have to wait longer for that one. In actuality, early favorite "Separator" is more reminiscent of Massive Attack, and is quite good.

Download the whole shebang here, already. It'll cost you $9 for the MP3s and crazy amounts of money for other versions.

Here is a video for another standout, "Lotus Flower," featuring singer Thom Yorke exhibiting a bunch of his twitchiest dance moves.

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