Dr. Dog at Culture Room on November 9

Over the course of 14 years and seven studio records, Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken have held the jangly, psychedelic folk market by the balls as cofounders of Dr. Dog. And after tickling the world of indie music with a feather of aural Americana for more than a decade, the group's finally starting to have some fun. "I love playing guitar, but I never really loved it like I do now," McMicken said in an interview with Death and Taxes magazine earlier this year. "And I think that's come from having the band arrive at this place where everyone is really steeped in their instrument." McMicken is referring to his band's recent lineup shuffle. Eric Slick replaced Juston Stens on drums in 2012, and multi-instrumentalist/longtime collaborator Dimitri Manos officially joined Dr. Dog ahead of this year's Be the Void, the group's seventh album. "Everybody's really grown into their instruments more," McMicken said, "and I think that really what we're looking for is what it sounds like when everyone sticks to their own role, instead of somebody just executing an idea with an instrument."


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