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Dub Trio

Bored with genres? Then this is your album. Brooklyn three-piece Dub Trio contrasts quick, tight, guitar-driven metal with big, open patches of serene reggae beats and keyboards... and very few vocals. With bassist Stu Brooks, guitarist DP Holmes, and drummer Joe Tomino all doing double duty on keyboards and dubs, this album gives you an idea of what these guys can do live — namely, shred a killer headbanging riff and cut it with skankalicious resting points. You may wonder why this even works at all. It's because all three are professional musicians with the skills to back such a bold concoction. Need more proof? Mike Patton provides vocals on "Not Alone"; Holmes' résumé includes appearing on work by Mos Def and Common. "Jack Bauer" opens with the soul of Soundgarden before switching into Thievery Corporation mode at minute 1:23 — and the whole thing really bangs. Perfect for boozy barbecues, fast driving, and late-night living-room afterparties.


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