Dubconcious: The longhairs are coming to town.
Shawna Mulkey

The name of artsy reggae band Dubconscious suggests everything audiences can expect to hear in concert. The well-traveled eight-piece group is known for its experimental dub sets and progressive lyrics that are fun to dance to and good for the spirit. There is a slight hippie vibe to the band (they can't help it; they're from Athens, Georgia), but that doesn't prevent them from hitting the right dub licks when it comes to reggae and ska. They're also smart enough to pick the best elements of traditional dub music and refashion it for the 21st Century. You may hear an old skank from Augustus Pablo or King Tubby, but the upbeat rhythm makes it all sound brand new. It's a fairly monochromatic band, save Solomon Wright, the group's lone soul brother and horn player, but this is global music, uniquely fashioned from the fusion jam bands of the American South, and Dubconscious can wail with the best of them.

Dubconscious performs Wednesday, March 7, at City Limits, 19 NE Third Ave., Delray Beach. Show starts at 7 p.m., and admission is free. Call 561-279-8222, or visit www.thehoneycomb.com.

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