When the Dwarves signed to Sub Pop Records for 1989's Blood Guts & Pussy, the Chicago-born/California-bred group burst on the West Coast underground like a runaway orgy. Equal parts garage, grunge, and gore, the Dwarves quickly proved that Blood Guts & Pussy was more than an album title — it became the lynchpin of the band's live shows. Now, in 2006 — 13 years after the band faked the death of its masked guitarist, Hewhocannotbenamed — the Dwarves' FEFU: The DVD carries on their raunchy aesthetic. The disc includes "clean" and "dirty" versions of the "FEFU" video (appropriately featuring the Suicide Girls), as well as a behind-the-scenes look at its production, live footage, interviews, and other bits of Dwarves-like mayhem. There's blood (stage blood, at least), guts ("FEFU"'s not exactly bubblegum pop), and, ahem, lots of pussy (courtesy of the naked Suicide Girls). Don't expect to see this on MTV anytime soon or on the increasingly censored YouTube, for that matter. FEFU: The DVD is something you gotta buy to see. And you will get an eyeful.

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