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Dynamix II

If you weren't skulking around dirty South Florida clubs in the '90s and early '00s, you probably don't know about the duo sometimes referred to as Miami's electro-bass overlords. But if you were a club kid covered in glitter, hair slicked back in tight buns, dodging projectile glow sticks and sporting fluorescent-yellow UFO pants, surely some of your nights and mornings were spent two-stepping through dark, smoky corridors to the relentless breaks delivered by Dynamix II. The original incarnation of the duo formed in 1986, and the group has since released countless singles, albums, and remixes, the most famous of which is "Give the DJ a Break." A web of record-scratching, old-school breaks, sampling, and robotic voice-overs, "Give the DJ a Break" has gone gold since its release, with more than 600,000 copies sold.

Despite being part of a semi-underground scene that started to die more than ten years ago, Dynamix II, made up of David Noller and Scott Weiser (also of Jackal & Hyde), has managed to stay relevant for the past two decades by delivering funk-filled dance parties with big beats and big bass. If you're nostalgic for rave culture or failed to live it the first time around, Dynamix II's gig on Wednesday night at Respectables is a chance to experience some of the best Florida had to offer.

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