It doesn't seem fair that one family should have this much talent, but that's precisely the case with the indie folk-pop DuPree bunch, most widely known as Eisley. Consisting of four sisters and one cousin (ranging in age from 18 to 26), this Tyler, Texas-based quintet has been making music since 1997, when the two eldest sisters started writing whimsical, contemplative songs in their bedrooms. At that time, their youngest sibling was just 8, but she quickly penned her first tune and earned a spot in the band. Isn't that sweet? Fast-forward to their 2005 debut release, Room Noises, and it's audibly defined by vulnerable vocalizations, '90s-style alternative flare (think the Cranberries or Sixpence None the Richer), and often somber, yet optimistic, poetic reflections. With their 2007 sophomore release, Combinations, the band continued to earn critical acclaim for staying true to their initial sound while exploring some heavier rock territory. Lyrics about tragedy and relationships etched their way onto this release as well, giving it more depth. Aside from their own albums, the girls have provided vocal support for Bright Eyes, New Found Glory, and Head Automatica, among others. If dreamy-to-crunchy guitars, delicate keyboards, and heartfelt girly vocals are your thing, then Eisely is a pretty safe bet. Just don't get jealous when you and your sib's band don't sound quite as good as this.


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