El Chino Dreadlion

Within Miami's Latin music scene is an endless number of bands delving into all sorts of homegrown genres, from salsa and merengue to bachata and Cuban son. But when it comes to reggae, only a few Latin bands do it well, and El Chino Dreadlion is definitely one of them. Fronted by lion-maned lead vocalist El Chino — a Cuban-born dancer, musician, and choreographer (and badass singer) — the band plants its foot firmly in Cuba and then explores the Latin and African diaspora with a passion and expertise that's rarely seen. Of course a band like this is going to call Miami home, but it's playing a rare show here in Broward County at the Dive Bar. So if you're a fan of the Suénalo/Spam Allstars sound but don't want to drive to the 305 to suss it out, check out El Chino Dreadlion this weekend and prepare to be amazed. Expect plenty of horns, percussion, and salsa-infected roots reggae to keep you feeling irie throughout the night.

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