EOTO tonight at City Limits

It's time to get your jam on tonight. Well, sorta... EOTO is made up of former members of String Cheese Incident, but people who are expecting to hear versions of that group's songs will most likely be disappointed. EOTO is much more of an improvisational dance collective than a jam band; They claim that not a single note is prerecorded or even prearranged, but the thumping beats, keyboards and hand percussion spell a radical departure from STI.

Think more along the lines of live action drum 'n' bass, dubstep, and

breakbeats than a Phish clone. Michael Travis and Jason Hann will be

quite literally kicking out the jams tonight at City Limits. Tickets

are $15 for the 8 pm show, but ya gotta be 18 to get in.


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