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Evergreen Terrace

Thursday's show was meant to be a huge booking coup for Miami all-ages venue the Dugout; warehouse drama has now shifted the show to Ground Control, a similarly bare-bones venue in West Palm Beach. Evergreen Terrace is arguably Jacksonville's most famous musical export in recent years, a megapopular heavy band that garners the respect of both tough-guy hardcore types and metalcore kids in tight pants. This is because, first off, the band is heavy as hell – no dialing it in. Second and most important: The band has earned its spot at the top of the heap, slowly grinding away from the bottom, DIY-style, over the past ten years. The band's 2001 debut full-length was released on the indie Georgia imprint Indianola Records. From 2005 to 2008, Evergreen Terrace would release another three records on local hardcore stable Eulogy. In the past couple of years, the band finally graduated to Metal Blade, and its first studio album for the label, Almost Home, dropped this past September. It's suitably brutal for its new label but happily still chugs along with a breakneck punk-rock energy.


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