Every Avenue Cruises Into Culture Room

Punk-pop group Every Avenue, a promising five-piece from Michigan, is headlining the inaugural Motel 6 "Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour." The group's spunky brand of emo is ideal for any MTV reality show out there, and songs have made it into The Real World: Hollywood and The Island.

Along for the ride is upbeat emo group Sing It Loud, the updated '90s sounds of the Secret Handshake, and Orlando's answer to Blink-182, There for Tomorrow. Discount motel chain Motel 6 is providing free lodging to all four bands on this 43-city tour, sparing them the couch-surfing required of most young, up-and-coming bands. As a result, the guys should all be well-rested when they perform at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room on Wednesday.


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