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Family Ties

Poor Loudon Wainwright III. In less than a decade, his son Rufus has achieved more success than he has in 35 years, and his daughter Martha wrote the title track of her debut, Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole, about him. Seems his kids have a penchant for personal confession in their lyrics, which they probably learned from dear old dad. Loudon has spent his entire recording career as a folk artist trying to make sense of the often-failed relationships he's had with his parents, ex-wife (Kate McGarrigle of the McGarrigle Sisters), and Rufus and Martha. The last five years saw him spend considerable time onscreen as an actor, appearing on television and in films like Big Fish and The 40 Year Old Virgin, but his latest album (Here Come the Choppers!) returns him to old form. While onstage, he's more of a sentimentalist than ever before. Seems getting old suits the guy.

Loudon Wainwright III plays at 8 p.m. Friday, January 6, at the Fruit and Spice Park, 24801 SW 187th Ave., Homestead. Tickets cost $25. Call 305-247-5727.

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