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Farm Team

Among hipsters in the late '70s and early '80s, admitting you liked Fleetwood Mac was enough to get you sent into exile. But damn it, those Lindsey Buckingham tunes were captivating. And while never cool (read: elite/outré), the fusion of folk-inspired melodies, restrained rockin' crunch, and winsome vocals endures, and the members of Friction Farm are Mick and company's proud partisans in South Florida.

Though often augmented by additional players, Friction Farm is at heart the duo of singer/bassist Christine Stay and singer/guitarist Aidan Quinn (no, not the actor). Stay's voice has the reflective tenderness of 10,000 Maniacs-era Natalie Merchant and the commandingly emotive range of Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano, while Quinn's guitar combines dulcet jangle, down-home picking, and chunks of stadium-rocking power chords. If this be the stuff of uncool, then call me Barney Fife.

Friction Farm performs at 10 p.m. Sunday, February 27, at Dada, 52 Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. The show is free. Call 561-330-3232.


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