Fiesta Argentina at Jazid, Tonight

​As any Argentine worth his Dos Anclas (Two Anchors) salt will tell you, they're better than you. Also, che boludo! Just kidding about the whole better than you thing. Not so much the cursing. But the holier than thou fame is a bit unjust, something Latinos say when they want to hate on Argentinians. Maybe it's because they're the best damn grillers in the world. Or maybe it's their affinity for their European, and particularly Italian, lineage.

Whatever the case, they're good people who like to party, and they've been responsible for some pretty friggin' good music. Soda Estereo? Andres Calamaro? Los Enanitos Verdes? Need I go on? Hit up Jazid tonight for Fiesta Argentina (Argentine Party), the second International Thursday in the SoBe institution and's new party series. Aside from music from the motherland of churrasco, there are two-for-one Jagger shots, $3 Miller's and $4 kamikazes to further entice you.


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