Filthy Animals Bring Dirty Blues Stomp to Respectable Street

Led by frontman Cameron Stiles' Southern rock guitar strokes, Jupiter-based duo (and veritable Black Keys understudies) Filthy Animals can fill a room with down-home Dixie vibe. Even as a scrawny, suburban, 20-something, Stiles possesses the pipes of a husky veteran bluesman from the Mississippi Delta. Here's a guy who hoots and hollers as only Howlin' Wolf can on three-minute scuzz-fuzz-blitz numbers such as "Like You." Drummer Patrick Walsh does a stellar job backing Stiles up with bashing cymbals work on these Allman Brothers-meets-MC5 ditties. Now that the Black Keys play stages large enough to situate themselves 50 feet apart, it's refreshing to have a chance to get similarly dirty blues in a more intimate setting.


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