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Fischerspooner DJ Set

Electroclash duo Fischerspooner, made up of Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner, last dropped by South Florida in March, at South Beach's Liv. It was just a couple of months before the release of their third album, Entertainment, which proves a snapshot of the twosome's sound evolution to date.

Fischerspooner's first album, 2001's #1, featured the synth-loving retro group in all its artsy grandeur. Then, on its second album, Odyssey, the group moved away from the keyboards and picked up some guitars. Entertainment seems to hybridize the two, resulting in polished electro-pop that traverses through disco beats, melancholy moods, and catchy hooks.

Although the group prides itself on being more of an art project than a band, Fischerspooner is not performing its full act on all dates scheduled for the near future. Instead, when the duo hits Exit 66 this Saturday, it's just for a DJ set. They'll surely play their new album, most of their catalog, and remixes of fun retro dance tunes. And although the group's music doesn't hold up as well without the multimedia performance component, the DJ set will probably be the best dance party you'll find Saturday in the tricounty area.

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