Five Best Russell Brand Musical Moments of All Time

Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek.
Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek.

Brit comedian and actor Russell Brand is known for rib-tickling, zany mock rock. He's a former heroin-lovin' wild man, so there's no wondering where his crazy comes from.

Brand's channeled his nuttiness in a rollicking discography of tracks featured on the silver screen and on television; some say the bloke even recorded a euphonic ditty for an ex-girlfriend on YouTube (Katy P?!).

Before the madcap wag embarks on his first ever world stand-up tour, and makes a pit-stop at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts on Sept. 22, County Grind is highlighting the jester's most memorable musical bits.

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5. "African Child (Trapped in Me)" from Get Him to the Greek

"All these blowjobs in limousines/What do they matter?/ What do they mean?/To the little African child/Trapped in me," Infant Sorrow's frontman Aldous Snow cries on this ludicrous attempt at rock activism. This is classic Brand madness (him birthing an African baby, and receiving fellatio amid an oppressive battleground), but its cultural commentary about empty celebrities is the principal.

Russell Brand may be a jackass, but he knows how to critique hegemony. After all, he did ask British parliament to humanize drug addiction.

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