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Five Gift Ideas for James Hetfield's 48th Birthday

Metallica frontman James Hetfield is a year older today. The grunting godfather of thrash -- and then not so thrash -- metal is now 48, and we at New Times would like to wish him a happy and a healthy birthday. Regardless of how you feel about Metallica's post "Black Album" work or their pending transgressions against the heavy metal genre, it's difficult not to stress how important and awesome those first four (five depending on what level of metal elitist you are) LP's are to the heavy metal canon, and how relevant and heavy they still sound. 

In honor of the man's 48th year alive, and his standing as a heavy metal icon, we have gone through the trouble of compiling this list of potential birthday gifts so you may appease a (former) metal god with a birthday offering. In no particular order:

1) Oakland Raiders Merchandise: James is a diehard Raiders fan. His childhood dream was to play ball for the unfortunate silver and black horde from Norcal. We suggest you start here.​

2) A hunting trip on the grounds belonging to musical (and assumed facial hair influence) Ted Nugent. Both are outspoken, card-carrying members of the NRA, and both have hunted for most of their lives. Ted offers hunting trips on his big game reserve in Michigan year-round. More info available at Ted Nugent's website.

3) A custom car from one of his favorite builders, Rick Dore. James has been a part of the Kustom Kulture movement for quite a while now, and is a member of the Beatniks of Koolsville car club. Hetfield has several award winning rides from Rick's shop, including the Crimson Ghost, a 1937 Ford named in honor of the Misfits.

James' Rick Dore built Ford.

4) Some protective pads for skateboarding. James loves to ride his skateboard. Evidently,he's not particularly good at it. He has broken his arm so many times while riding his deck that Metallica's management has added a clause to his contract keeping his shredding to guitars only while on tour.

5) Get yourself a copy of Kill 'Em All on vinyl. James Hetfield is filthy rich, and you really shouldn't be concerned with getting him anything. The recently reissued vinyl of the bands first full length would be, in our opinion, a most appropriate way to celebrate the man's day of birth. You can order it at Radioactive Records in Ft. Lauderdale. 


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