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The CD arrived in a plain brown wrapper, slipped stealthily onto my desk by an unknown associate. Perhaps, I thought, it would be the answer to the upcoming months of barren sonic landscape in South Florida. And I can reveal, my socks were knocked. What I heard when I dropped this baby into the five-disc changer were the melodic, electro-hip-pop jams of fivesixsixfive, the Fort Lauderdale duo of Seth Brody (he's five feet six) and Jimmy Allen (he's six feet five -- anyone else smell a sitcom brewing?). This new, three-song EP of twinkling keyboard, soft drumbeats, bluesy sax, and fade in/fade out vocals plays like a prettied-up Depeche Mode. The first unnamed song is like a cold washcloth when the AC breaks -- and the last two beat-heavy tunes are more like a trip down the neighbor's Slip-n-Slide when your pool is dirty. Thank you, fivesixsixfive, wherever you are. My socks thank you too. -- Audra Schroeder

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