Fleetwood Mac

In a recent interview with MTV, Stevie Nicks explained her past relationship with guitarist Lindsey Buckingham: "It's over. He's married. The love is always there, but we'll never be together, so that's more romantic than even being together." She went on to explain that their "electric crazy attraction" will never die, which is either hopeful thinking on her part, a not-so-subtle act of romantic subterfuge, or an attempt to stir up some publicity with the TMZ crowd. The soap opera surrounding every member of Fleetwood Mac has captivated fans for decades, but newer fans (like those introduced to Mac's music through "Landslide" covers by the Smashing Pumpkins or the Dixie Chicks) might find it hard to follow the drama. One thing that can't be questioned is the crazy amount of material the band's tumultuous relationships contributed to their work, especially Rumours, the 1977 album that catapulted the band to rock 'n' roll immortality.

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