Florence + the Machine at BB&T Center on September 26

In an industry driven by formulaic pop stars and exploitative marketing gimmicks, Florence Welch is an enigma. She is unique and remarkably, almost effortlessly talented. Vocally, she's in a league of her own, displaying incredible range on both 2009's Lungs and last year's Ceremonials. Surprisingly, though, the English indie-music goddess has also proven to be incredibly marketable. Her songs have appeared in numerous films and television ads. She's now a poster girl for Gucci. And over the past few years, she's become a fixture on the outdoor music concert circuit, earning coheadlining credit at some of the world's biggest festivals. But don't let her schedule fool you; Welch is still trying to get used to it all. "Touring takes over everything, and it's fucked," she recently told music website Spinner. "I mean, it's really organized in every way possible, but you can't deal with anything; nothing gets dealt with in your real life, and you only get to be home for two weeks at a time." Luckily, Florence's suitcases are stuffed full of sheet music and haute couture to help her get through all those long, lonely days on the road being awesome.


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