Floss This

Known as Flosstradamus by their hipster devotees, DJs Autobot and J2K arrive in Florida this weekend to provide all those in need with an excuse to shed a bit more than just their inhibitions. Their live shows are sweaty, beer-soaked affairs whose sole raison d'être is to induce reckless abandonment. As a DJ combo, they're known for making people lose their shit on the dance floor as they spin records from more subgenres than you can imagine. Warning — these Chicago-based URB magazine cover boys are not built to appeal to electro purists, nor would they likely care to try. Eschewing substance, they drop irony-rich marriages of Top 40 hip-hop booty and '80s music just to get started. They also play what should be thoroughly undanceable indie rock, yet their blend of Lil Jon's "Act a Fool" and the bellowing soccer hooligans of KernKraft's "Zombie Nation" is particularly inspiring. But can they, as their moniker implies, predict the future? Perhaps not, but it's easy to foresee these new-age mashup kings contributing at least one track to every PBR and coke-fueled dance party you'll attend in the next year. See them at Revolver this Friday to catch a preview of the coming anarchy. Bring an extra pair of underwear.

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