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Four Lettermen


Without some vestige of a sense of humor (Andrew WK?), riff-roarage alone can't make party music palatable. But give Fort Lauderdale's uncomplicated, gloatingly unimaginative F**K -- pronounced "Ef-Dual-Star-Kay" -- a chance to screech your weasel. There's certainly something risible about the way F**K takes a jaundiced affection for vintage garage/glam/pop/punk/metal and spins it into something larger than life. "In our minds, we're always putting on a show for 1,000 people," boasts singer/bassist Trevor, professing his quartet's love for Slade, Kiss, Nugent, and T-Rex. "It's a full-on show, a true '70s-style choreographed party." The band's songs, available for download at, tell the tale of these "Not Your Average Rock Stars" who've traveled from "Planet Cool" to surgically remove your PC lobe with trashy tunes like "Paris Pussy" and "Asian Woman." Naturally, due to prevailing winds of change, the pyrotechnics once favored by F**K have been curtailed. "Until we have a record company, at least!" predicts Trevor. Enthusiastically and unself-consciously stupid, F**K opens for Blue yster Cult at 8 p.m. Friday, March 7, at Ovation, 3637 S. Federal Hwy., Boynton Beach. Call 561-737-2199.


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