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Freezepop at Respectable Street

It's an amusing bit of irony, really, that Freezepop's most popular songs are "Less Talk More Rokk" and "Get Ready 2 Rokk," as the quirky synth-pop act formed in 1999 to purposely provide an electronic antithesis to all of the rock played in Boston. Since then, the act's gained prominence largely due to its tracks appearing in music-themed videogames, with placements in various Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles as well as the lesser-known Frequency and Amplitude. Freezepop's aural landscape is one largely carved out of whimsy. Liz Enthusiasm's subdued, robotic voice has ruminated on the subjects of the Game Boy, Sprite, and Wheel of Fortune; the beats typically have a lightweight flicker; and the group has covered the Jem and the Holograms theme — but last November's Imaginary Friends shows glimpses of impending instrumental heft.


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