French Horn Rebellion September 13 at Green Room

Various rebel forces have attacked those in power throughout history. However, it was two brothers from Wisconsin who finally stuck it to the French... horn, that is. French Horn Rebellion is an electro-pop duo consisting of Richard and David Perlick-Molinari. Together, the siblings have taken the world's greatest brass instrument and given it a bleepity-bloopity makeover. According to the group's website, Robert started playing the horn when he just 8 years old. Eventually, music lessons paid off, and he found himself performing with the Chicago Civic Orchestra after earning a performance degree from Northwestern University. Robert, however, wanted more. Enter brother David, producer of MGMT's debut hit Time to Pretend. Together, David and Robert tackled the studio, laying down tracks peppered with French horn samples and heavy beats. Their act will be joining Miami-style dance duo Afrobeta at Green Room this week before embarking on a minitrek of the United States.


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