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Furious Dudes Lead Fierce Local Lineup at Respectable Street

A strong case in point against the "Florida sucks" talk is this Sunday's showcase of rock 'n' roll talent led by the two-album-strong Furious Dudes. Though they might have a second effort under their belts with Boca's Livid Records titled Florida Sucks, it is in a cheeky, bratty way that they do it. Imagine the gospel and visuals of early Suicidal Tendencies in a grinder of Scandinavian punk rock, namely the Hellacopters and Turbonegro, and you'll get the picture, but it is all southern Florida.

Filling out the rest of the lineup, Sloane Peterson's been etching itself out in the peninsula with some choice seven-inches and cassette singles, and its punk rock is not to be messed with. Bulletproof Tiger's DIY ethic means that a hectic touring schedule led up to this show. The band's CD EP is out, and it is some of the most grandiose and composed punk rock around. Sweet three-piece! Lake Worth's Bartholin can't decide between filling the abscess or just being a malignant cyst, but it's out-and-about and turning heads. Add the Dirty Habits and the Teenage Sex Buffet and this is a show featuring some of the finest executors of fringe rock in our state right now.

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