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This South Florida soul and funk quintet has existed only for a little over a year, but it's already created a serious demand for itself on dance floors across the tricounty area. By focusing on the core elements of old school hip-hop, it taps straight into the boogaloo sounds of the Bronx from the mid-'70s — before rap lyrics were even a part of the culture. It's a well-researched concept, as most "old-school" hip-hop bands rarely delve into the foundation of the genre. Expect everything from breaks to popping-and-locking music, since the shows typically attract b-boys and b-girls — but it's really about anyone who appreciates dance culture in general. There's a Latin flair to some songs and a Bootsy Collins-meets-Phil Lesh feel to others, proving that this all-instrumental project knows how to find a groove and ride it. The band's name comes from the concept that "only a few are sick," and by all accounts, this band is ill.


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