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Fyah Blaze

What we have on Kevin "Fyah Blaze" Morris' fully loaded 16-track recording Truths and Rights is roots-rock-dancehall. The Davie resident's lyrics flow like Anthony B's straight-ahead dancehall tracks -- "Lion Paw" and "Curfew." But he breaks away with his own agenda on the upbeat "Circle of Life" and the mellow Fort Lauderdale Beach-ready stand-out ballad "Empress Amazing"; both of these reference the reflective rock 'n' roll forays of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.

It's refreshing to find a dancehall record with live instrumentation these days. Though producer Kenroy "YahBreeze" Archibald understandably uses much fabricated, computerized instrumentation, he indulges in organic additives: real guitars, real horns, and even, in some cases, real bass and drums. The musical concepts here are broad-minded departures from the dancehall mold, often giving nods to hip-hop, pop, and ska, while songs like "Nuh Love Love" and "Loving Weh She Got" are rootsy like Israel Vibration. Guest appearances include crooner Richie Stephens and balladeer Luciano. On this firm debut, Fyah Blaze exhibits a commitment to creating quality music, not just easily consumable tracks.

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