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The local punk scene in South Florida isn't as strong as it should be. The bands are here, and the venues exist, but there's something that prevents all the dots from connecting. While in theory it should be as simple as honest promoters lining up shows and letting bands and fans converge in the pit, it's not always that easy. The good folks in Güajiro are doing their part to merge punk and nostalgia by throwing all-age matinee shows for young folks the way CBGBs used to in New York. Back in the day, the legendary and now-defunct East Village club specialized in shows where kids could go to soak in the essence of punk during daylight hours. A corny idea? Maybe. But if that's the case, what were groups like Black Flag and Bad Brains doing playing those gigs? They were spreading the culture, and Güajiro hopes to do a bit of the same this weekend. This should be the first in a long series of matinee shows, but of course, they'll need community support to make it successful. There's a bunch of bands on the bill, and if you can muster up a measly $7, you'll get to see seven groups perform. That's a dollar per band. Can you swing it?


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