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2301 W. Sample Rd.

Deerfield Beach




The indoor waterfall in Ganey's in Deerfield Beach is the perfect backdrop to my double Johnny Walker on the rocks. Then again, so is the marble top and everything else in plain sight. You see, Ganey's is almost perfect in terms of aesthetics, and that's not just the whiskey talking. They've also got tapas on hand, which seem to be the topic of conversation coming from the table behind me. Those things look good. They remind me of the art neatly positioned behind the booths: colorful, abstract, and tasty. Ganey's is mainly a martini bar, with a young professionals clientele to prove it. Web designers. IT directors. Account managers. They gather in small packs and talk about sports stats and sales figures — sometimes in the same sentence. The bartenders look like extras out of MTV's The Hills, fitting in easily as possible arm candy for Lauren and friends. These dudes approach drink mixing with a scientific anal-retentiveness seldom found outside the realm of beakers and test tubes. They're good at what they do. The drinks are stiff. The service is quick and cordial. And they fit right into this ideal Jetsons-like culture where even the curtains are reflective of a brighter place. Try your hand on Tuesdays in Ganey's poker tournaments. Dust off your school ID for the Back to School college night on Wednesdays and cop $2 domestics, $3 wells, and free pool — affordable even on a college student's budget. Check out Robbie Williams pumping out his local brand of R&B on Saturdays. Rosie the Robot Maid isn't serving the tapas, but you'd like Ganey's waitresses better anyway, Elroy.

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