Gene Loves Jezebel at Respectable Street 4/9

Glammy '80s U.K. goth-rock group Gene Loves Jezebel's backstory is even more dramatic than its moody catalog. Contrary to its affectionate handle, there is no love lost between the twin brothers, Michael and Jay Aston, who fronted the influential group during its heyday. Michael, the more morose-leaning of the two, left the band in 1989 because of dissatisfaction over the pop direction his brother Jay was steering the group.

Since the late '90s, the Aston brothers have been engaged in messy court battles over trademark rights to the Gene Loves Jezebel name. Subsequently, the two don't speak anymore but continue to tour under the Gene Loves Jezebel moniker individually. (Jay Aston's version is known as Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel when touring in the States.) It is Michael's patented take on Gene Loves Jezebel that rolls into town Saturday. Since the brothers have interchangeable voices, spotting the difference between the two versions is virtually impossible. Michael's edition, though, will give fans the opportunity to hear dark classics from the group's stellar debut, 1983's Promise, as well as more recent favorites from Michael's (sans Jay) Gene Loves Jezebel releases — 2001's Giving Up the Ghost and 2003's Exploding Girls — and everything in between.


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