George Clinton for Revolution Live's Eighth Anniversary October 25

Though he's replaced his hobo-chic regalia and trademark multicolored hair with custom-fit three-piece suits and elegant fedoras, George Clinton is still the gnarliest granddaddy in music. In fact, he may just be the gnarliest motherfucker period. Not many folks can function throughout a perpetual acid trip like the one that Clinton's seemingly been on since the 1960s, especially while piloting a funky musical mothership. "Love what you're doing," Clinton told students at Berklee College of Music earlier this year, reports WBUR, Boston's NPR member station. "If you love what you're doing, it's not a job." This past February, Berklee presented the dapper 71-year-old "Godfather of Funk" with an honorary doctorate degree for his more than four decades of contributions to music, particularly funk. "To me, the funk music lifestyle is: Do the best you can, and after that, funk it," Clinton said. "That's playing in a band, you go to school, learn all the technology, the intellectual part of the music. But when you get right down to it: Funk it." He's a fitting headliner for the eighth anniversary of live music staple Revolution Live. Catch him there with jazz jam bander Bobby Lee Rodgers.


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