Get Your Irish Up

Pity that most people's knowledge of Irish rock 'n' roll begins and ends with U2. This week's Irish Fest 2002 demonstrates that the Emerald Isle has a lot more to offer than grandiose arena rock, particularly Saturday on the main stage, where the evening's lineup includes the Saw Doctors. Never heard of them? With "I Useta Love Her," they scored the biggest-selling single in Irish history. Take that, Bono. The Saw Doctors' brand of Celtic rock combines punk, '60s pop, and Irish folk with working-class themes. This Springsteenesque, blue-collar feel has endeared the band to the folk of Eire, and it should be an easy sell to most Americans. After all, the Pogues, the Beatles, and Springsteen all went over pretty well, and the Saw Doctors are a mesh, in varying degrees, of the three.

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