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Ghettoblaster Sounds

Famed DJ, producer, and remixer Armand Van Helden has three of the best jobs he could ever want. He´s an internationally respected electronic DJ -- something he´s worked at for the past 15 years -- and also a stellar producer of house and progressive trance music, which are the two main genres that made him a household name. He´s also a remixer, which is a relatively strange job title to have; it´s perfectly suited for the creative genius that Van Helden possesses. He´s known for cranking out danceable remixes to even the most mundane of songs, and his bouncy and tranced-out reworking of Britney Spears´ nauseous ¨Toxic¨ is evidence that he can breathe life into any track. He´s good at getting booties shaking on the dance floor, and, if you´ve never seen him live, he´s one of the more affable personalities in the DJ world. This weekend, he´s having a CD-release party for his latest disc, Ghettoblaster, which has a 1985 throwback vibe to it and represents the earliest elements of house and electronica. Lovers of DJ culture won´t be disappointed, because when it comes to rocking a party, there aren´t many who can compete with Van Helden.


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