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Gnarls Barkley

What started as a one-off collaboration became an international phenomenon — an "Overnight Sensation," as the Raspberries would say. Gnarls Barkley, the duo of ex-Goodie Mobster Cee-Lo Green and bizarro producer Danger Mouse, weren't counting on their debut single, "Crazy," to take off. But it did, and so did its album, St. Elsewhere. And now it's time for a follow-up, the upbeat but still soulfully melodic "Smiley Faces." If "Crazy" hit listeners in their soft spots with its smooth, tripped-out soul, "Smiley Faces" does it at a faster pace, one that's straight out of mid-'60s Motown. But there are two versions of the single. Smiley Faces Part 2 includes the title track; the explosive, horn-driven "Go-Go Gadget Gospel"; and a video of "Smiley Faces." Part 1 features the album version of "Smiley Faces" and a live performance from Later With Jools Holland. Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse may be up to their necks in hype, but this single is further proof that they're worthy of it.


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