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God Baby

Jeff Rollason, long one of South Florida¹s most innovative musicians, is constantly cooking up lo-fi goodies in his studio/kitchen. His newest project, God Baby, is a partnership with the like-minded Michele Kane. Where Rollason¹s band, the Curious Hair, got off on rudimentary rural rock with experimental flair, God Baby wanders too far from reality when it can¹t find a decent hook. There¹s the rough-sounding opener, ³Flash Echo,² in which the two sound like they¹re sitting around the dinner table singing a tune before cleaning up. And there¹s the creeped-out vibe of ³Sedussa.² Then Kane and Rollason succumb to the dark side of their home-brewed, four-track universe. ³She Is Now the Beat² is seven-plus minutes of pointless organ, broken drum machine, and a lonely beeper that¹s so tedious and unmusical, it¹s a mystery why the duo felt the need to share it with the world. Number One Volume, despite its promising moments, will cause the average listener to hold off until this Baby grows up. -- Jeff Stratton

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