Guns ´n´ Bombs at Revolver

It´s a straight-up L.A. invasion in Miami this weekend. The attack on Friday´s edition of the weekly Revolver party comes from the tag-team duo with the gentle moniker of Guns ´n´ Bombs. While New York and Paris get all the techno/electro revival attention, Flip Turbotito and Johnny Love come correct with grooves that are at once cold, hard, sleazy, and sexy. They´ve released tracks on white-hot label Kitsuné and wreaked aural destruction at Revolver´s Coachella after parties. Want an idea of the duo´s relentless party-time DJ sets? Start with a shredding chain-saw electro bass. Add some early-rave synth runs, á la 2 Bad Mice. Filter this all through hiccupping, stuttering, short-attention-span tempos. Hit the dance floor, and prepare for fallout.

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