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Guster at Revolution, August 21

Boston rock 'n' roll lifers Guster mark some 20 years of existence as a band this year. Its career has moved along at a steady clip despite only occasional mainstream attention. That's not to say Guster lacks pop chops. Actually, for an act that gets lumped into the jam scene with acts like moe. and Widespread Panic, Guster's acoustic-guitar-driven ditties are often downright hooky.

What the guys do share in common with those other acts, however, is a freewheeling live show and a close relationship with their fans. They're also pranksters unafraid to punk themselves — the group once poked fun at its own scene by appearing as its own opening act, a fake jam outfit dubbed Trippin' Balls. The band's sixth studio album, Easy Wonderful, released late last year, cracked the top quadrant of the Billboard 200 and hit number two on the Alternative Albums chart.


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