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Gutter Humor

Punk rock, regardless of what the more militant camps will tell you, has always survived on its underlying humor. Sometimes it takes a little digging to uncover it, and sometimes it doesn't. Guttermouth has never been shy with its comedy. Hell, it might be its only saving grace — Lord knows Mark Adkins' voice teeters on the fine line between snotty-nasal and just plain bratty. But we guess that's the factor that has allowed this California skate-punk/metal-core act to be at it for so long. What is it, like nine full-lengths already? Hopefully the little incident at the (now-defunct) Edge involving someone's ass and a drumstick will not be replayed while the kids yell out for early faves like "1-2-3 Slam," "Bruce Lee vs. the Kiss Army," and newer "hits" like "Hot Dog to the Head" and "Surf's Up Asshole." At least this show will be fun. Remember that?

Guttermouth performs with Valient Thorr and ASG at 6 p.m. Sunday, January 8, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $12. Call 561-832-9999.

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