Guttermouth's Authentic Punk Hits Respectable Street

Drunk-driving, hippie-hating, slur-spouting, sarcastic, and hopelessly catchy, Guttermouth has survived as a fully dysfunctional punk unit for 20-plus years. Jail time, deportation from Canada, and a slew of physical ailments all failed to derail the group's efforts to make trouble and avoid getting real jobs. In an age when "punk" is generally regarded as a fashion style you can take on with one quick visit to Hot Topic, Guttermouth remains as "punk" as it was in the early days.

In 2004, the guys were reportedly asked to leave Warped Tour after criticizing other bands onstage for being more concerned with looking cool and making fashionable political statements than with playing good music. (Guttermouth members later stated that they left on their own accord.) The band last put out a new album, Shave the World, in 2006, but the lapse in releases hasn't stopped the crew from continuing to bring its California-bred punk rock on the road to the delight and horror of cities across the globe.

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


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