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Gypsy Lane Band

This local five-piece band isn't kidding when it dubs itself one of South Florida's "premier live party bands." Commanding a vast repertoire of covers that go from oldies like the Beatles' "Let It Be," the Temptations' "My Girl," and Aretha Franklin's "Respect" all the way to current R&B and Latin tunes, Gypsy Lane has a set list to suit all occasions. Founded in Philadelphia by bassist Alfonso Carey and keyboardist Larry Davis in the 1970s, they often backed groups like the Village People and Instant Funk while also playing gigs under their own banner. Since re-forming here a few years back, Gypsy Lane has regularly performed at venues across South Florida, where it switches between original compositions and covers to help keep dance floors packed. When it's not entertaining audiences in clubs, it's got a philanthropic initiative that's worth supporting as well. The band runs a scholarship program that gives talented-yet-impoverished South African students the opportunity to finish high school and pursue a career in the music business. That adds another dimension to the band and adds another reason to show up this weekend in support.

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