Ah, Hanson. Were we ever so young? Fondly remembered for their supremely catchy and overplayed hit "MMMBop," the brothers Hanson exploded onto the airwaves in the late '90s before exploding into puberty. Their most recent album, Underneath, shows how much the boys have matured since the "MMMBop" days. A couple of them even have facial hair. But chances are, you'll still need earplugs to make it through the high-pitched screams of 12-year-old girls at the show. The album has a few pop gems on it, including the title track, which was co-written with Matthew Sweet, but you know nobody's leaving that amphitheater until "MMMBop" has been sung. -- Maggie-Margret

Check out Hanson at 7 p.m. Sunday, September 5, at Pompano Beach Amphitheatre, 1801 NE Sixth St., Pompano Beach. Call 954-946-2402.


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