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Heavy Pets

It's not always easy to throw an all-night party. There're curfew laws if you're in a club, and your neighbors will call the cops on your ass in a minute if you even try to throw a raging house party. That doesn't leave a lot of options for those who like to hear live music until sunrise, but the folks at Brotherly Love Productions have found a way to temporarily create an exception to the rule. They've rented out the family-owned Precision Wave Studios, and this Saturday, for $20, you can come and dance the night/morning away plus drink all the beer your liver can handle. They're bringing in South Florida's most popular jam band, the Heavy Pets, who have made a major impact on the performance circuit locally since they relocated here from New York several years ago. Joining them on the bill are Brother Bean, coming straight out of Melbourne, with plenty of roots-rock and jam-tinged grooves. Each band will play a two-hour set, and then they'll combine for a third superset, which will last as long as they want it to. There's no curfew or rules to follow — except dance all night long, and don't even think about trying to touch the keg if you're under 21.


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