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Hercules & Love Affair DJ Set

Any moment now, it will be dubbed prog-disco or sexy-cheese-disco or even chamber-disco. Whatever the case, the "-disco" must be appended and heeded, for it is back. Hercules & Love Affair's version of disco can make you wish it had never gone away — really. A former Denver leather-bar DJ named Andrew Butler is the producer behind the group, which has created a hugely trendy, self-titled new album on Mute/DFA. Butler and guests, including idiosyncratic warblers Antony Hegarty (of "and the Johnsons" reknown) and Kim Ann Foxman, explore classic themes of Greco-Roman wrestling and bizarre sex under the moonlight. This comes over atmosphere-rich and gloriously melodic tracks that pay loving tribute to the electro-disco and Chicago house style that made them what they are today. Saturday's appearance at Back Door Bamby's anniversary party is a DJ set, not a live performance, but they should still set the room on fire with their surreally smooth and simply sleazy disco seduction. Open-minded, sensualist young Americans are now invited to writhe into the orgy.


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