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Herschell Gordon Lewis & the Amazing Pink Holes

When famed Fort Lauderdale B-movie king Herschell Gordon Lewis teamed up with legendary Cleveland punk rockers the Pink Holes, the task was simple: Take the theme songs from two of Lewis' best-known flicks and revamp them with modern-day plumbing and electricity. "The South's Gonna Rise Again," the redneck battle hymn from Lewis' 1964 splatterfest 2000 Maniacs, was originally recorded in Orlando with some yokels called the Pleasant Valley Boys. With the Pink Holes providing a drunken twang as a backdrop, Lewis also kicks out the under-two-minute theme from "Moonshine Mountain" (also originally from '64) where he warns, "White lightning/It's a drink you can't sip through a straw," complete with a lip-flapping belch at the very end. Best of all is a Quicktime video for "Rise Again," featuring the 75-year-young millionaire with headphones on, recording his booming baritone in front of a Confederate flag.

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