Hot Chelle Rae.
Hot Chelle Rae.

Hot Chelle Rae at Culture Room on March 24

The members of Nashville foursome Hot Chelle Rae all boast parents and various other family members from high up in the Music City industry echelons. (Two, Ryan and Jamie Follesé, are brothers.) As such, though they play their own instruments and appear to write their own material — and flirt with some of the aesthetics of pop-punk — the group has never pretended to be anything near underground.

This is almost refreshing, though the group's knack for earworms is almost obnoxious. Just listen to its breakout 2011 single, "Tonight, Tonight," a piano-driven, helium-chorused ditty, and try to get it out of your head.

Whether that's a compliment depends on your disposition and cynicism, but Hot Chelle Rae has certainly nearly perfected a corner of the multi-generation-friendly guitar-pop universe.


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