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Those who spent the past couple of decades wondering whatever happened to Dan Hicks finally got their answer a few years back when Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks released Beatin' the Heat, their first studio album since 1978. The guitarist, drummer, singer, songwriter, and bandleader first put together the Hot Licks in San Francisco in the late 1960s. True to his against-the-grain form, while the rest of 'Frisco was gobbling acid and freaking out to the Grateful Dead, Hicks put together a honky-tonk C&W swing revival band, complete with masterful fiddling and call-and-response female backup vocals. Mixing that with folk and a sprinkling of jazz gave Hicks a recipe he's successfully reheated since. He may not have chart success to fall back on, but after a 22-year recording hiatus, his comeback album featured everyone from Elvis Costello to Bette Midler to Brian Setzer.


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